Cosmology and Astronomy Researchers of Indian Nationality and Sisters

Colloquium series by CARINAS
We are excited to present the seventh edition of our (fully virtual) colloquium series! Here, we will celebrate the research and leadership by Indian women Astronomers and Cosmologists across the globe.
Please use this zoom link to attend the talk.
Abstract: Galaxies do not form and evolve in isolation. There is a continuous feeding of fresh material from the gaseous circumgalactic medium (CGM) and the intergalactic medium (IGM), used as a fuel of future generation star-formation. Simultaneously, galaxies feedback a huge amount of enriched (with heavier elements) material and energy back into its surrounding. A galaxy behaves as an ecosystem where a complex interplay between a variety of physical processes shapes the galaxy. There are several physically and observationally motivated CGM models, each having their own strengths and weaknesses. In this talk, I will present a CGM modelling framework that combines four of the most popular idealised CGM models. The CGM modeling pipeline provides a common platform to compare such models as a special case solution of generalized fluid equations. Such a comparison has been hindered by cosmetic differences between individual model predictions. The aim of this pipeline is to highlight the differences due to the inherent model assumptions and make it easily accessible to the scientific community.
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First organizing team (Nov 2023): Namrata Roy, Sanskriti Das, Prakriti Pal Choudhury, and Manami Roy