Cosmology and Astronomy Researchers of Indian Nationality and Sisters

Regular contributors to CARINAS
The list of primary contributors will evolve over time. The three founding members (read in their words here) of CARINAs have carried out a large fraction of responsibilities leading to the germination. They got involved in almost all the aspects of development so far (Oct 2023). But had it not been for the generous support of many women, CARINAs would not have been possible. In what follows, CARINAs acknowledges the members who contributed significantly to the genesis and organisational aspects of CARINAS, including financial contributions - Website building and maintenance: Janakee Raste (design), Sanskriti Das (maintenance), Prakriti Pal Choudhury (maintenance), Manami Roy (led initial organisational aspects), Ankita Bera, Anshu Singh Newsletter editing and organisation: Prakriti Pal Choudhury, Sanskriti Das, Manami Roy, Yashi Tiwari, Anwesha Maharana, Divita Gupta Colloquium series organisation: Namrata Roy, Sanskriti Das, Prakriti Pal Choudhury, Manami Roy Treasury: Manami Roy, Senthamizh Pavai Social media management: Sanskriti Das, Manami Roy Draft plan for CARINAS: Prakriti Pal Choudhury, Manami Roy, Sanskriti Das, Mayuri Rao Donors (to be updated):