Cosmology and Astronomy Researchers of Indian Nationality and Sisters

Publications led by CARINAS
Year of publication
  1. Dheepika M et al. 2023, Emergence of cosmic space in Tsallis modified gravity from equilibrium and non-equilibrium thermodynamic perspective
  2. Kshitija Kelkar et al. 2023, Post-processing of galaxies due to major cluster mergers I. hints from galaxy colours and morphologies
  3. Priyanka Jalan et al. 2023, An empirical relation to estimate host galaxy stellar light from AGN spectra
  4. Sanskriti Das et al. 2023, Detection of Thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect in the Circumgalactic Medium of Low-mass Galaxies-A Surprising Pattern in Self-similarity and Baryon Sufficiency
  5. Swarna Chatterjee et al. 2024, A New Enigmatic Radio Relic in the Low Mass Cluster Abell 2108
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