Cosmology and Astronomy Researchers of Indian Nationality and Sisters

Publications led by CARINAS
Year of publication
  1. Ashwin Devaraj, Shwetha Nagesh et al. 2024, Insights into the phase-dependent cyclotron line feature in XTE J1946+274: an AstroSat and Insight-HXMT view
  2. Bhuvana GR et al. 2023, Broad-band X-ray properties of black holes GRS 1758-258 and 1E 1740.7-2942: AstroSat and NuSTAR results
  3. Dimple et al. 2023, Evidence for Two Distinct Populations of Kilonova-associated Gamma-Ray Bursts
  4. Joy Bhattacharyya, Sanskriti Das et al. 2023, The Hot Circumgalactic Medium of the Milky Way: New Insights from XMM-Newton Observations
  5. Meghana Pannikkote et al. 2023, Hunting Gamma-ray emitting FR0 radio galaxies in wide-field sky surveys
  6. Namrata Roy et al. 2024, JWST Reveals Powerful Feedback from Radio Jets in a Massive Galaxy at z = 4.1
  7. Smita Mathur, Sanskriti Das et al. 2023, Probing the hot circumgalactic medium of external galaxies in X-ray absorption II: a luminous spiral galaxy at z ~ 0.225
  8. Sushmita Agarwal et al. 2023, Flaring activity from Magnetic reconnection in Bl lacertae
  9. Swarna Chatterjee et al. 2024, A New Enigmatic Radio Relic in the Low Mass Cluster Abell 2108
  10. Zenia Zuraiq et al. 2024, Massive neutron stars as mass gap candidates: Exploring equation of state and magnetic field
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